Tornado Touchdowns in Pennsylvania, 1950-2004


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Data Explanations

    A tornado touchdown is defined as the location where a funnel cloud first makes contact with the surface of the earth, officially confirming that a tornado has occured.

    There are two main regions in Pennsylvania where tornado touchdown density is high. The Appalachian Mountains (Pennsylvania's Ridge and Valley physographic province) lie between these two areas, and often serve to break up the low-level circulations needed for tornado formation. As you zoom around the map above, you can clearly see this trend.

The below table details tornado touchdown information since 2004 for both Pennsylvania and the nation as a whole.

Region 1950-2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
United States 45,718 1,216 1,296 1,276 2,194 1,304 1,525
Pennsylvania 628 11 8 7 5 7 15
PA % of U.S. Total 1.37 0.90 0.62 0.55 0.23 0.54 0.98