Precipitation in Pennsylvania

This map is known as an isoline (or isarithmic) map, more specifically, as an isohyet map. Click on any location and its total annual precipitation, averaged over a 30-year period will be displayed. Zoom in to see more precise locations.

Map Legend: Precipitation in PA (1981-2010)

Data Explanations

Definition: . . . The precipitation depicted on this map includes all rain plus the rain equivalent of all snow (and other frozen precipitation). The data represented by the isolines on the map are the averages of all annual totals from 1981 to 2010 at each of the weather stations (shown as black dots) visible on the map.

How to read this map: . . . Each isoline represents a line of equal total precipitation. Each color shade represents a range of total precipitation. The total rainfall for any location between the labelled isolines is between the upper and lower limits of that color shade, proportional to the distance between those isolines.

Comparative Data:

Precipitation Minimum Maximum
Total Annual Precip.:
Wellsboro, Tioga County
33.43 in.
Chalk Hill, Fayette County
54.04 in.
Single-Month Average:
    Month & Amount
Wellsboro, Tioga County
February: 1.72 in.
Clermont, McKean County
June: 5.91 in.