Governors of Pennsylvania

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PA Coat of Arms

There have been 47 Governors of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since the official formation of the state on December 21, 1790. Originally, Pennsylvania was a colony of the Kingdom of Great Britain. After declaring independence and creating a constitution in 1776, Pennsylvania was governed by a Supreme Executive Council with a chosen President leading the council.

In 1790, the newly drafted Pennsylvania constitution removed the council and replaced the President with an elected governor, establishing a three-year term which would commence on the third Tuesday of the December following the election. In 1847, this term limit was extended to four years under the governance of Henry M. Hoyt.

Of the 47 governors of Pennsylvania (as of 2015), 6 were born outside of the state. The governors born outside of the state of Pennsylvania are listed below. The map above shows the distribution of the hometowns of all of the Pennsylvania-born governors, colored according to their party affiliation, their date of birth, or the year they took office.

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