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Ancestries: Irish   English   German   Italian  

  2.1% - 4.5%
  4.51% - 5.5%
  5.51% - 7.5%
  7.51% - 9.0%
  9.01% - 16.3%

Data Explanations


The four foriegn cultures presented here hold the top positions in the list of cultures that have contributed to the US population. The US Census and the Census Bureau's annual American Community Survey record ancestries as how the individual filling out the census questionnaire chooses to respond to the question; the percentages listed here and in the map are not based on any oher research. The numbers recorded in this map are significantly below the corresponding data from the 2000 US Census, for example. The ancestry with the largest share of the American population is "American." Of course, marriages have brought together different ancestries, with the likelihood that anyone will marry within their cultural ancestry decreasing with every generation.


According to the US Census Bureau's 2019 American Community Survey, 4.16% of Americans list Irish as their primary ancestry. This is the second highest of any foreign country-specific ancestry. In 2000 people declaring Irish ancestry were 16.2% of the US population.

Comparative Data:

Counties with the Highest Percentages Counties with the Lowest Percentages
Delaware County 29.1% Somerset County 8.7%
Potter County 26.6% Juniata County 7.1%
Lackawanna County 25.4% Union County 7.1%
Bucks County 25.3% Snyder County 6.4%
Pike County 23.7% Allegheny County 1.8%


Data source:    2000 US Census.
US maps source:    Esri, Inc..
PA map source:    PA Spatial Data Access.
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