Airports in Pennsylvania

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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a total of 817 aviation facilities. This breaks down to 435 airports, 3 glider ports, 353 heliports, 8 seaplane bases, and 18 ultralight ports. The average number of airports per county is 12.19.

  Highest Lowest
  Counties Count Counties Count
Number of Airports Bucks 47 Cameron, Forest, Fulton, Montour 2
Population Density Philadelphia 10,634.81 people/sq.mi. Cameron 12.72 people/sq.mi.
Persons Per Airport Sullivan 2,142.67 people/airport Philadelphia 72,666.95 people/airport
Airports Per 100 Sq Miles Philadelphia 1.5 airports/1000 sq.mi. Elk 0.1 airports/1000 sq.mi.