The US House of Representatives in PA

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Party Representation in 2017

Percentage of House Districts by Party
Republican 50%
Democrat 50%

The Districts and their Parties

Pennsylvania had 18 representatives in the 115th United States Congress. This map identifies the representatives from each congressional district.

The district boundaries are redrawn after each decennial census. The 2010 US Census was conducted before the above map was originally drawn. Accusations of extreme gerrymandering, drawing those boundaries so that as many Democratic voters as possible were located in as few districts as possible, led to that original map being decleared unconstitutional in early 2018. When the state legislature failed to produce a more balanced and geographically consistent plan in the early months of 2018, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court adopted their own version in time for the May primaries. That version is the map shown above.


Basemap:   Esri, Inc.

US House of Representatives Districts:   Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA)

Map Created by: Nathan H. Knisley, Fall 2017

Modifications by:   Dr. Geiger, 2020.