Pennsylvania Municipalities

Click on a municipality in Pennsylvania to identify it and see its boundaries.

Map Legend: Types of Municipalities

Data Explanations

Definition: . . . Municipalities are governmental subdivisions of counties. A municipality is either a township, a borough (or in the case of Bloomsburg, a town), or a city.

How to read this map: . . . Note that you can be in only one municipality at a time. Even if a borough, for example, is surrounded by a township, the two are separate jurisdictions and have different sets of elected leaders. Boroughs have generally formed when villages or towns within a township grew and decided to seek separate governance; they incorporated. For that reason, sometimes a borough and/or city has the same name as an adjacent township.

Comparative Data:

Types of Municipalities How Many
Cities 56
Boroughs (and town) 962
Townships 1,547
Total 2565