Millersville University
ADA Accessibilty and Compliance Map


Use the checkboxes (right) to turn map symbols on and off: mouse button or keyboard tab and space keys. This works best if you leave one item on (checked) while interacting with the others.

Use your mouse (either scrolling its wheel or clicking on the zoom display in the map), or your keyboard + and - keys, to zoom in and out. Zoom in to see building and road names.

Hold the mouse button down and move the mouse, or use your keyboard arrow keys, to shift the map area.

When any symbols are visible on the map, click on one to display more detailed information. It might be easier to zoom closer to it before clicking. Sorry, no keyboard shortcuts for this.

Within Buildings:

  Rest Rooms

Building Access:

  Exterior Doors: Powered?
  Wheelchair Ramps

Cross-campus Travel:

  Handicap Parking Space
  Curb Cuts

Printable Map:

8.5" x 11" Map to Print